Introducing the Monster Productions Event App

The world is changing and we’re adapting. Check out our new innovative event platform!



This is an unprecedented moment in history

The “new normal” is taking time to get used to, but Monster Productions believe it’s possible for businesses to survive
and thrive during levels of lockdown.

How do we adapt to the new normal and remain relevant?

We continue to deliver on exceptional production value and innovative solutions for events.

At present, the events landscape is defined by uncertainty. The best way to tackle this is to stay ahead of the curve with the Monster Productions event app – where all your event fantasises come to life!

Create Unforgettable Events

Thanks to technological developments and the creative minds at Monster Productions we can offer you a variety of innovative and inspiring ways to create an unforgettable event.

From the safety and comfort of their own home, treat your guests and staff to world class event and brand specific offerings – set in either green studios or beautifully abandoned venues.

We are here to help you

Our pledge to all our clients during this unique moment in history is to help them focus on building their best possible business.

Tough times call for new ideas and innovation, determination, inner strength and the willingness to face the crisis head on. Monster Productions are flexible and adaptable. Trust us to evolve your events into the virtual space. We are at your service and ready to deliver.

We are Trusted by Leading Organisations

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