I sit behind my PC, in the heart of Sandton City, watching the hustle and bustle move passed me – enthralled with this fast paced lifestyle we lead in Gauteng.

We’re here on site in Sandton for a brand new hotel launch. Arriving, we found our set up had been delayed by a number of hours, one of the many troubleshooting matters we face on a daily basis. So as my technical crew sits tight awaiting to move gear in, I sit here working in a coffee shop pondering this fascinating industry. Needless to say, with our event starting at 16h30, we made miracles happen when we eventually had under 2hours to set up – when it’s crunch time you have no option but to make it work!

So looking at this, what makes for a successful event organiser? Many things of course. One needs to have top notch organisational skills, creativity, a passion for the industry, knowledge across many fields, excellent client facing skills and a keen eye for detail. However the one quality that stands out above all to put you on top? Being able to problem solve.

You can work on and plan certain events for months. But on the day, you never know what issues can crop up. Being able to find solutions, troubleshoot and ensure the event is not jeopardised is what makes you a truly GREAT event organiser.

This is what we do at Monster Productions and Events, and our expert team sets us above the rest. When we’re faced with what might seem an impossible task to others, is when we really shine. In the heat of the moment we’re focused, and quick to make critical decisions that will lead us to achieve the end goal of a successful event. And for us? Although highly pressured at points – it is EXCITNG! This is what we thrive on, the thrill! When you stand back to admire the incredible work we execute, you get that warm fuzzy feeling so many strive for – and that is what makes it all worthwhile!