Turnkey solutions for your production or event. A decade of experience in the industry; we are at the forefront of production and eventing services. 

One of our speciality services is creating flawless corporate events. Having worked with blue chip companies and assisting them with creating magnificent experiences for customers and employees, we know how to ‘wow’ your audience. Over the years we have had the opportunity to get involved in many different corporate events, such as, Gala Dinners, Exhibitions, Conferences, Team building, Road Shows, Media Events, Corporate Retreats, Product Launches, Year End Functions and Awards Ceremonies. If there is any unique idea that you have and you are not sure if there is an events company that can assist, please give us a call, we can assure you, we will get the job done.

Year End Events Awards Ceremonies Product Launches Interactive Experiences Gala Dinners Conferences / Team Building / Exhibitions Road Shows Staff Incentives Corporate Getaways Corporate Videos Media Conferences

With outdoor festivals, there is always so much to take into consideration, safety, certificates, licenses and many other hassles. Luckily, we are licensed to assist you with all of the above. Not only can we help you with the planning and execution of these events, but we can also ensure that you won’t face any legal liabilities throughout the event.

Having run festivals catering for thousands, we understand that it’s tough to plan alone, that’s why we are happy to help!

Generators / Staging / Fencing / Truss Structures / Custom Builds / Backdrops / Ablutions / Marquees / Bedouin Tents / Health & Safety

Many events companies charge exorbitant fees as they need to hire equipment. The benefit of Monster Productions and Events having all of our own equipment means that you won’t be taken by surprise with any additional amounts that usually pop up for equipment.

We can assist with any structural requirements, such as marquees, Bedouin tents, flooring, dance floors, expo stands, generators, staging fencing, back drops, ablutions and truss structures. We also supply the staff that will assist with build-up and strike of all of the structures acquired through Monster Productions and Events.


Marquees / Bedouin Tents / Flooring / Dance Floors / Expo Stands Generators / Staging / Fencing / Truss Structures Custom Builds Backdrops Ablutions


Finding top-class, reliable and relevant entertainment for your event can be tedious and time consuming, but we have been in the industry a while and we know exactly who you need at your event to give it that little bit extra. We have many artists and MC’s that we work with on a regular basis and would be happy to assist you with booking the right entertainment for your audience. When it comes to getting the crowd excited, we have the best South African DJ’s, musicians, singers and bands at our fingertips. We understand that not all events require entertainment to get the crowd going, sometimes crowds want to be memorised, that’s why we can also offer comedians, magicians and illusionists and choreographed dances.


MC’s / Keynote Speakers Celebrities / Comedians DJ’s Musicians Bands Performers Artists Singers Dancers & Choreography Illusionists


Any event needs all hands on deck, that’s why we offer assistance with any event and any discipline. Whether you are looking for hostesses, promoters, serving staff or production assistants, we are able to supply personnel for any event and will also supply a manager at the event to ensure that all staff are supervised and excelling at their dedicated tasks.

As with infrastructure, it’s not always easy to get technical and visual services at events without paying exorbitant fees. At Monster Productions and Events we can supply audio systems, AV Systems, LED screens, Lighting, Rigging, Projectors and video production and photography.

We can also ensure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to for the event that you have planned, as well as any medical requirements that may be needed at the event.

Audio Systems / AV Systems / LED Screens / Lighting / Rigging / Equipment Rental Health & Safety / Projectors / Band Backline / Event Magic / Media ServersVideo Production


Being an events company, décor is imperative to our service offering. We love making magic with our creative and out-of-the-box minds when it comes to décor.

We stock a wide range of décor, from draping to table settings and everything in between.

Contact us for quotes on Bars, Furniture, Carpeting, Table Décor, Glassware and Cutlery and Crockery. We can also assist with any floral requirements.


Corporate Decor / Event Themes Bars WeddingsFurniture Dance Floors / Carpeting Table Decor / Table Gifts / Floral Arrangements / Crockery & Cutlery / Glassware


No brand should execute on marketing activities without having a solid brand and marketing strategy in place. Our Marketing Strategy consultant is ready and waiting to assist you with creating a marketing plan that will best speak to your audience and portray your brand in the best way possible and on the correct platforms that are relevant to your business objectives. Once the strategy has been created and approved, our Marketing Strategy Consultant will also help you with the execution of the plan and help manage the process.


Event Themes / Event Concepts Event Design Creative Treatment Scripting Story Boarding Strategy Brainstorming Gifting

“Digital Strategy and Management”

In this day and age, if you aren’t digital, you aren’t relevant. We have social media managers, copywriters and digital media managers that are ready and waiting to help you move your brand into the digital limelight.

We can help strategize, plan and execute your digital campaigns, while keeping your business objectives and KPI’s in mind. Monthly reports on digital campaigns are offered to all digital clients.

Event Themes / Event Concepts Event Design Creative Treatment Scripting Story Boarding Strategy Brainstorming Gifting